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Exotic Knife Handles

Exotic Knife Handles LLC is owned and operated by Heath Stone out of Baytown, TX.

We specialize in creating unique knife handles for knife makers and manufacturers. Our handle material is manufactured using the highest quality materials available. Our dedication to our trade is exemplified in the attention to detail and craftsmanship you will find in all of the items we sell.

We offer our customers one-off designs ranging from the everyday carry to high end collectibles. We take the time to personally work with each and every customer to ensure the investment you make with us is the right one.

We offer discount pricing for large runs to manufactures.

Exotic Knife Handles is most proud of the fact that our products are made right here in the USA.  This allows us to put our stamp of approval on each and every knife handle that leaves our shop.

Owner and Founder, Heath Stone

Pushing Handle Craft to a New Level.

We have been building knives and handle material for many years and understand the investment you are making.  Handle material is only one aspect of building a knife, and we work to ensure the materials we provide will make knife building easier and more rewarding.  Our products are all fully tested and top of the line.  Our goal at Exotic Knife Handles is to create unique handles for the cutlery industry and your customers that will last a lifetime.


Separate From The Rest.

We at Exotic Knife Handles are driven to provide you with products you have never seen before.  We are constantly researching and inventing new looks and textures, pushing the envelope to stay a step ahead of the rest.  Our quality, timeliness, and selection are the best in the industry.  We pride ourselves in knowing you will be able to build beautiful pieces with our handles.